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Harvard and the Road to Marriage Equality
A look back at Harvard scholars' contributions to the same-sex marriage movement

“The Supreme Court today affirmed what many in the Harvard community already understood,” said Harvard President Drew Faust in a statement. “Marriage equality is a civil right to which everyone is entitled. While there is still much to do, the decision represents a historic moment in our nation’s generations-long struggle to secure equal treatment and opportunity under the law for all Americans.”

Since at least 1983, when a Harvard Law student wrote a third-year paper exploring a human rights argument for same-sex marriage, Harvard University affiliates have helped guide the long path toward marriage equality. Officials were quick to confirm the deep import of Friday's 5-4 ruling that made the United States the 21st nation to recognize same-sex marriages.

“Justice Anthony Kennedy’s opinion for the court announcing a right to gay marriage in Obergefell v. Hodges will take its place alongside Brown v. Board of Education and Loving v. Virginia in the pantheon of great liberal opinions,” said Noah Feldman, Harvard’s Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law. "This is one for the ages."

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